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Lakeview Cottage Retreat (established 2005)


Some comments from our guests.


·        Angela, Jim and kids, Ontario, “Beautiful and relaxing”

·        G. and family, Windsor “Thank you for a nice ending to our summer.”

·        Mike and family, Ontario “ We really enjoyed ourselves at Lakeview. The kids did not want to leave.”

·        John and Larissa, New Zealand, “Very enjoyable stay.”

·        Krista, Hamilton, “…wonderful setting to work out the creative muscles and the biking ones too.”

·        Jeanine, Victoria, B.C., “great getaway.”

·        Scott and Susan and family, Orangeville, “ fantastic holiday.”

·        Fila., Portugal, “Excellent space, view, cottage…”

·        Robert and Katarina and family, Toronto 2005, “Thank you for awesome vacation; we enjoyed nature, beaches and birdwatching. They have spectacular ice cream in Port Rowan! BBQ is 10 +.”

·        Paul and Lyn, Ornageville, 2005, “Lovely tranquil spot. Enjoyed the beaches and star gazing every night, Thanks for the use of you comfortable and extremely clean country cottage.”

·        Alana and Peter, Toronto, 2005,“ We loved the trails. Sand Hill’s Park was amazing. The “Bayfest” festival was a great surprise.”